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Day 1 – 6: Gallbladders make bad Salad Dressing

Gallbladders make bad Salad Dressing The sequences of events that have landed Dan in the ICU really have no beginning. One could argue that the day Dan came screaming into this world would have been the starting point. However, this particular spark that ignited… Continue Reading “Day 1 – 6: Gallbladders make bad Salad Dressing”


    “Life is like a wheel, sooner or later it comes around to where you started, reliving old challenges facing loss and once again rebuilding.” The heart of the question is simply this, “Are you strong enough to take the chance and spin… Continue Reading “A WARRIOR CAN STILL BE MADE OUT OF ME”

Clean Bill of Heath

Yesterday (March, 25th, 2013) was my yearly transplant assessment, it’s a day filled with appointments and test to determine how well my lungs are progressing.  Being my third year since my transplant there are fewer tests, so the day isn’t as filled as it… Continue Reading “Clean Bill of Heath”