Some of you may or may not know Dan, for those of you who do then I hope that you can help out. For those of you who haven’t met Dan let me give you a little history. Dan was born with Cystic Fibrosis(CF), a genetic disorder that largely affects the respiratory system. By the age of 15 Dan had entered what is known as end stage CF and his only chance to survive was to undergo a double lung transplant. After a long and difficult fight, Dan was able to brave through the storm and live a healthy life. That was until his lungs went into chronic rejection 8 years later and once again Dan was to face another transplantation.
My version of the story is nothing compared to Dan’s, who recently on his 11th and 3rd anniversary started a blog. Dan has never spoken about his operations until now. He is not the type of person who would burden people around him, rather, his story is one that asks people to truly look at one of the greatest gifts that one can offer when they are on deaths door- the gift of life.
Dan is with us because two very unselfish people made the important choice to give, to pass on what they could not take with them. We can do that too.
This year, I ask for friends, family, and whatever social media that you have around to you help celebrate Dan. He celebrated his new life by sharing his story on his anniversary. Now it’s time to celebrate the day that he entered this world.
If you read Dan’s story he only asks for two things, share a moment that you have experienced with him and post it on his site, second, think about the gift of life.
Since his anniversary I have started the “Pass It On” campaign. My goal is to find 52 new organ donors before our 28th birthday that is coming up on April 2nd. This Thursday, a group of friends and I will be hosting an event at Yaggers, a bar in Vancouver. Anyone who is willing to become a donor can celebrate with Dan’ favorite whisky Jack Daniles.

Now, I know many of you can’t make it to Vancouver, I understand that, but what you can do is take your own photo and posted on the Pass it On Facebook page (see link). Dan hopefully won’t see that page until April 2nd (hence why this is a closed event) but please feel free to invite anyone BUT Dan…
Each person who posts a picture will share Dan’s story, the more people that read it, the more people will think about the importance of organ donation. So, pass it on!
1.)Write down your “Pass it on” message Feel free to write down any other messages!
2.)Take a photo of yourself (big groups are MORE than encouraged) with the “pass it on” message
3.)Post on the follow facebook page
5.)Bonus points to those who take a shot of Jack in their photos!

I think it is time to help give Dan his birthday wish, to spread the word of organ donation and his story. Let’s show him our appreciation by giving him what he asked for on the day that he entered this world.
Any questions just send me a private message.
All the best and thank you for ALL of your help!!!
Amy Pfaff
Need to become an organ donator
Post pictures on


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