Image Yesterday was my 28th birthday, I spent it with my brother Matt and some friends in Toronto at Real Sports Bar and then headed over to the Blue Jays game opener. We were lucky enough to have found tickets on Craigslist that were all together considering we had a large group. I give a shout out to Cory Stuart for making my birthday plans work out as we didn’t have tickets until we found his Craigslist add.

Another amazing surprise gift I had received was from my sister Amy as well some close friends and even people I haven’t met. Amy lives in Calgary and has started a campaign called

It’s a campaign to bring awareness towards organ donation, it’s not your typical campaign most people are used to. involves a few simple thing

1) Sign on to the donor website and become a donor:

2) Take a photo of yourself and a sign saying “Pass It On” once you have done so.

3)Post the photo to our Facebook page  https://

4) Pass it on! Encourage someone else to follow the same steps!

I’ll be updating the tab with upcoming events as well photos from the events.

Also, check out the tab “Another Perspective” Tanis my mother shares her story of when my sister and I were brought into this lovely world.

National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week

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