Happy Birthday to Us!!

Happy Birthday to Us!                                            20130402-125634.jpg

Today I celebrate a landmark my 28th birthday. Today is also my twin sister Amy’s birthday. As I reflect back over the years and the many places that I have been on this day (including several hospital birthdays) this day is only possible because I have received the Gift of Life not once but twice!

Amy has been my partner in crime since before birth. Even though she technically has become more responsible than I (she is a teacher) we still have our exciting moments of stirring up a little chaos.

One of my favorite memories is when Amy was away at Waterloo attending university. Up to this point, we had never missed celebrating our birthdays together. I had told Amy the day before that I wasn’t well and would be unable to celebrate our birthdays together. You could hear the disappointment in her voice when she said, “Ok we can celebrate another time”.

I knew she was feeling let down but I was not to be deterred; I had other plans. A few days beforehand I had made arrangements with Amy’s boyfriend to take her out on the town. I would come and surprise her.

He had taken her to a martini bar down the road, they were sitting in a booth just off in the corner of the bar. I could see Amy sitting there with a lost face knowing we wouldn’t be spending this day together. I walked over and sat down in the booth. A huge smile immediately lit up Amy’s face and tears of joy sprung from her eyes; we were together again.

Today would be the second time that Amy and I haven’t been able to celebrate our birthday together as she now lives in Calgary. Even though we are separated by hundreds of miles we are still together in spirit. Please help celebrate our birthday by donating to Cystic Fibrosis.
On April 27 our friends Devin Featherstone and Elise Miles are helping to create awareness for Cystic fibrosis in Calgary. The event is called “Spinning for Dan”. Devin will be riding his stationary bike in front of Lululemon from open till close. As part of our birthday celebration, both Amy and I would be ecstatic if you could donate (even a small amount) to this very important event.

To donate please click here!

National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week


2 Comments on “Happy Birthday to Us!!

  1. That message is one of the greatest birthday wishes I have ever had. Thanks dan.
    This life would not be as fullfilling without you.

    Liked by 1 person

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