Update of Our Challenge

It really shows how well we can work together with raising the awareness of organ donation through sharing my story. In just a weeks time we have been able to share my story with over two thousand people! The e-mails and comments still are coming in letting me know that they have been convinced how important being an organ donor is and signing to be a donor.

Slowly reaching across the globe as people in Republic of Korea, Bermuda, Guatemala, New Zealand, Finland, and Haiti can now be added to have read my story! However we shouldn’t stop here, we need to continue sharing this story and the awareness of organ donation. You never know who in your life will need a transplant whether it’s you or a loved one.

Imagine you helping save a life without knowing, just from sharing my story and having someone convinced to donate their organs.

Let’s continue to share the gift of life!


Please share my story: https://darkandstormyblog.wordpress.com/my-story/



National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week 

2 Comments on “Update of Our Challenge

  1. Happy Birthday to my better half
    What do you get the man who has everything????
    You help him out with the only wish he has ever asked for. Starting on March 22nd I started a campaign called Pass It On, its goal to find 52 new organ donors and spread the word about Dan’s blog.
    Some ask, why 52 new donors? That is the exact amount of shots in a 1.5 liter of Jack Daniel’s, not only Dan’s favorite drink but a whisky that holds a sense of tradition in the family. Summers were spent at the cottage sitting around a fire and a bottle of Jack. If jack’s hat was to be lost (the lid) the goal for the night was to finish the entire bottle. On March 28th, an event was held at Yaggers bar in Vancouver where I tossed Jack’s hat away with the goal of finishing a bottle and by doing so asking those who passed the bottle to think about the gift of life and help spread Dan’s story.
    We were successful in our goal. Not only were we able to sign people up directly at the event, we were able to check if people were actual donators as well as educate those who did not know. For those who came to the event and wish to see their photos you can go to the link below .
    A special thanks to everyone who has helped spread the word.
    Pass it on: One man’s story, the gift of life, and a very special birthday wish.

    I love you Dan and I will always be up the all the challenges that come our way.
    Your sister

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  2. Happy Birthday Amy and Dan
    Tuesday April 2nd, twenty-eight years ago just after midnight Dan and Amy were born. I remember I had gone into labour early on April 1st – I was bound and determined that I would not have April Fools babies and made the doctors wait until just after midnight to perform the cesarean section.
    Call it a mother’s intuition but I knew I was carrying twins long before it was confirmed by the doctors. I also knew I was having a girl. That same intuition also left me with a feeling of dread as I instinctively knew something was wrong with one of my babies.
    Dan was born just after midnight, I remember looking him over, counting fingers and toes, checking facial features and eyes – all seemed well. Ten minutes later his sister Amy arrived and once again I checked her out. Everything seemed in order yet the premonition that something wasn’t right was stronger than ever.
    The first feeding a couple of hours later only one baby arrived to my room. I remember asking the nurse where my son was. She said not to worry – he had a condition called wet lungs which sometimes happens and that he would be in for the next feeding. An alarm went off in my head.
    Dan never did arrive for a feeding. Later that day I struggled out of bed and dragged myself to the nursery window. I spied him immediately. His face was a purplish red colour, he wasn’t just crying he was screaming, I knew instantly there was something very wrong. I headed out to find the pediatrician who just so happened was looking for me. He told me my baby had an obstructed bowel and was going to be sent to Sick Kids for an emergency operation.
    I watched as the nurses bundled my small son up getting ready for the ambulance ride. One of the nurses turned to me and said does he have a name? “Daniel” I stuttered. I knew in my heart that this small little soul would have a challenging life, he was my Daniel in the Lion’s Den.
    Later that evening the doctors called from Sick Kids to say the operation had been successful. The next day with an anxious heart I went to visit him in neo-natal intensive care. At this point I had yet to hold him. I was not prepared for what I saw. He had tubes coming out from every orifice of his tiny body. He was in an incubator and crying. I asked the nurse if I could hold him, she put him in my arms and he immediately went to sleep.
    I asked the nurse why the bowel obstruction had happened. She said that the doctors who had come to visit him had tossed around “Cystic Fibrosis”. Somewhere in the back of my brain I struggled to come to terms with this word. “What is Cystic Fibrosis” I whispered. She said it was a disease where the bones went brittle. It wasn’t until a few hours later while sitting with my pediatrician that I learned she was completely wrong. CF was a terrible disease that affected many organs of the body especially the lungs.
    The mean average age for survival for children born with CF was 16. I remember holding him in my arms praying that he would out do these odds.
    Dan spent his first two months at Sick Kids. In the years to come this would be our home away from home. Dan had his first life saving double lung transplant March 22nd, 2002 just before he turned 17 and his second March 21st, 2010. He is a double miracle. Twenty-eight years old is indeed a landmark that he would never have seen without undergoing his 2 transplants. Today we will celebrate Dan’s life, the joy he brings to others and also pay tribute to the donors who gave the greatest gift possible – the gift of life.
    Looking at his blog site just a couple of minutes ago I was very proud to see that in the span of a few weeks his words have been read by close to 2000 people from different parts of the world. Dan’s goal (challenge) is to circulate it around the world. At the moment more than 4000 people are waiting for transplants in Canada. Last year only 1803 transplant was performed – many people die while waiting on the list. Unfortunately Canada ranks relatively low on the participation level of donor consent compared to other countries. It is our hope that through continued education and awareness this number can be increased.
    I would also like to pay tribute to my beautiful daughter Amy, Dan’s twin sister. I had always known that I would have a girl. Amy is my princess. Her compassion, will, understanding and strength are unlimited. She and Dan share a very special bond that has helped him through many of his challenges. She has spent many hours by the side of his bed nursing him back to health. Amy never jealous of the attention given to Dan has remained his number 1 fan.
    Amy’s wish this year for their birthdays is as follows:
    I ask for friends, family, and whatever social media that you have around to you help celebrate Dan. He celebrated his new life by sharing his story on his anniversary. Now it’s time to celebrate the day that he entered this world.
    If you read Dan’s story he only asks for two things, share a moment that you have experienced with him and post it on his site , second, think about the gift of life.
    Since his anniversary I have started the “Pass It On” campaign. My goal is to find 52 new organ donors before our 28th birthday that is coming up on April 2nd. This Thursday, a group of friends and I will be hosting an event at Yaggers, a bar in Vancouver. Anyone who is willing to become a donor can celebrate with Dan’ favorite whisky Jack Daniles.
    Now, I know many of you can’t make it to Vancouver, I understand that, but what you can do is take your own photo and posted on the Pass it On Facebook page (see link). Dan hopefully won’t see that page until April 2nd (hence why this is a closed event) but please feel free to invite anyone BUT Dan…
    1.)Write down the message Pass it on
    2.)Take a photo of yourself (big groups are MORE than encouraged)
    3.)Post on the follow facebook page
    5.)Bonus points to those who take a shot of Jack in their photos!

    Here’s wishing my two awesome children a very Happy Birthday, may we all live and enjoy every moment to its fullest!!!!
    Love You


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